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This is a community for pimping out "comment" memes wherein a user starts a meme and other users reply to that meme, seeking replies to their comments. The reply to a user's comment depends on what type of meme it is. Confused? Check this meme out as an example. You can also post directly in the community if that's your thing. Also, feel free to plug the community!



{x} Only memes wherein you comment to the entry of the person and people reply to comments such as this one are allowed here.
{x} You don't have to be the person who started the meme to pimp.
{x} Link back to the original meme post so others can participate.
{x} You can link to your thread if you want to but be sure to emphasize a different link to the entry itself. {example link}
{x} Do not post memes that have reached the 10000 comment mark.
{x} Likewise, do not post broken links to deleted posts.
{x} Variations of a meme by different users are allowed.
{x} Wait a week before re-advertising.
{x} No bashing, even if you think the meme sucks.
{x} That's it for now, I can't think of any more right now orz.